Anti Zombie Defense Free Download for PC

Anti Zombie Defense

Anti Zombie Defense is a Zombie game with a unique twist. In this game, you will have to defend yourself from zombies by shooting them or using other weapons to kill them. You can also use traps to help you kill the zombies. The controls for this game are simple and easy to understand, so there is no need for any tutorials or guides. You can use different weapons and military equipment to survive the zombie attacks. 

The game offers a lot of weapons, vehicles, and other military equipment you can use to survive the zombie attack. You must upgrade your base with different buildings such as barracks, armory, bank, hospital, etc. You will also have to build tanks and planes, which will be helpful during the zombie attack. In this game, you can play against other players online or offline. If you want to play against other players online, you can join a server where people are already playing this game.

Features of this Zombie Defense game

  • The graphics are much better than the original, which makes it easier to play and enjoy.
  • There are three different worlds in which you can play: The City, The Farm, and The Forest. Each has unique looks and feels, so you will always enjoy playing them all!
  • You can play against other players online or offline using your phone or tablet. You can even play against your friends if they are playing on their own devices!
  • You’ll get to choose from many different weapons, such as a machine gun, an RPG, or even an assault rifle!

The player must survive the zombie apocalypse

You are a survivor of the zombie apocalypse. You have to defend yourself against the undead creatures trying to get you. The zombies are speedy, and they can easily catch you. Therefore, you must fight them using guns, grenades, and other weapons. The game has a lot of different levels with different missions for you to complete. 

To win this game, you must complete all levels and finish all missions without losing life points or dying from zombies attacks. Anti Zombie Defense Game is a turn-based strategy game where you must defend your base against zombies coming from all directions. You will have to create various buildings and upgrade these buildings so that you can survive longer in this zombie apocalypse. You can also buy new weapons for your army so that they can help you defeat the zombies and protect your base from them. 

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Is there any other way to stop zombies besides using weapons?

Yes, there are three other ways to stop zombies than using weapons. One of them is to use your brain, which means that if you think fast enough, you can use your brain to solve puzzles and avoid zombies. Another one is to run away from zombies. And last, shoot them in the head if all else fails!

How many levels are there in Anti Zombie Defense Game?

There are ten missions, each with its theme and different objectives. The missions get more challenging as you advance through them, and they also change every few levels, which makes it challenging to play at higher levels. You can also download zombie shooting games from Google Play Store with limited features.

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