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Barn Yarn is a fun game for kids and adults, where you will find yourself in beautiful countryside, with farm animals running around you.
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Barn Yarn

Barn Yarn is a fun game for kids and adults, where you will find yourself in beautiful countryside, with farm animals running around you. The game’s goal is to collect different types of yarn from the animals’ nests or feed them with hay from the barn. To get these items, you should search for them in various places on the farm. However, there are also hidden objects that can help you to complete tasks more manageably.

It features beautiful 3D graphics, simple controls, and great gameplay. You will have to use your favorite skills to solve various puzzles, search for hidden objects, and find all possible exits out of the barn. In this game, you will meet many friendly animals who will help you on your journey. Some dangerous enemies could attack you at any moment, so be careful!

Player’s Objective in the game

You will need to collect wool from all farm animals using your mouse in this game. You can also use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of your screen. The objective of this game is to help all the animals by collecting their wool from their stalls and then moving it into their container so that players can sell them for money. To complete a level, you will have to achieve all the objectives given in each level. You can also move objects on your screen by dragging them with your mouse. You will find various types of wool at different places on each level. 

Barn Yarn

Features of Barn Yarn

  • It is a hidden object game with some simulation elements.
  • This game has many levels, each with a different difficulty, from easy to hard.
  • Players can also use their skills to complete the task on time and avoid being caught by enemies or traps!
  • Barn Yarn Game Download has several items, such as food items, also tools, etc., which can help you solve your problems more effectively.
  • Different types of enemies will try to catch you while exploring the barnyard! 

Three different modes of game

The game has three different modes: Story, Challenge, and Action.

  • In the story mode, you can play the story with a variety of different endings; each ending comes with its reward.
  • In the challenge mode, you can play puzzles requiring more thinking than just clicking on objects.
  • In the action mode, you will have to find all hidden objects within a specific time limit and try to beat your friend’s high score!

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Wrapping up

Barn Yarn Game Download is one of the most popular hidden object games, allowing you to create your own story with different characters and scenarios. The plot line of this game contains many other elements, such as adventure, mystery, romance, action, and much more. You can also download farming games from Google Play Store with limited features.


How do I play this game?

You need to click on the character and move it around to find hidden objects. You can also use your mouse to drag the yarns around or your finger to draw lines on the screen.

What kind of objects are there in this game?

There are many different types of objects that you will be able to find in this game. They include animals, vegetables, fruits, insects, bird nests, and more!

How do I increase the difficulty level of this game?

You can increase the difficulty level by clicking on the screen’s settings button at the bottom right corner. It will allow you to change various settings, such as sound effects and music volume.

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