Human Fall Flat Mod APK (Full version Unlocked)

Human Fall Flat Mod APK:

Human Fall Flat Mod APK is a physics-based puzzle game where you have also to manipulate your character’s weight to make him fall down from a platform or climb up a wall and reach the exit door. The player controls a character who falls from an infinite height and must survive long enough to reach the ground. The player’s character can also use its arms and legs to move around obstacles, crawl under objects, and jump over gaps. The controls are similar to those in “Pong.” The original version of this game is also available on Google Play Store.

The goal of the player in Human Fall Flat Mod APK:

The goal of each level is to make it through a series of increasingly complex obstacles while avoiding or killing enemies. Enemies include:

  • Zombies that fall from above.
  • Skeletons that drop bombs.
  • Bats that fly at the player at high speed.
  • Spiders that leap out of holes in walls.

The levels are designed so players can only see their final destination once completing them.

Human Fall Flat Mod APK

Use your ingenuity and skills to solve puzzles:

Human Fall Flat APK OBB download is a game designed to offer players a unique experience. Players must use their ingenuity and skills to solve puzzles and progress through the game’s levels. 

The game offers players various challenges and obstacles that they must overcome to complete different levels. Players who play Human Fall Flat Mod will enjoy some exciting features that make this puzzle game stand out from its competitors. These include:

  • A wide range of different levels.
  • The ability for players to change the gameplay to make it more challenging.

Unique attributes of Human Fall Flat Mod APK:

  • A new kind of puzzle game, not only an ordinary puzzle but also a platformer. You will also explore the world and find your own path through it.
  • You can also move forward by pushing left or right on the screen. 
  • As you push through obstacles and climb up ladders, you will also get stuck in walls and fall off cliffs. 
  • You can also pick up objects to use as weapons against enemies and solve puzzles along the way. There are many different types of enemies that you’ll encounter along the way, ranging from simple zombies to giant spiders called spiders. Each enemy requires its own strategy, so think before acting.

Control an adorable little human character:

Human Fall Flat is a puzzle platformer where you control an adorable little human character in a world made of cubes. The game’s goal is to reach the exit portal and escape from the level. However, this is a challenging task as there are many obstacles that you must avoid or defeat before moving on. You aim to collect all the red cubes scattered worldwide and reach the exit door.

Feature of Human Fall Flat Mod version:

Infinite Health: You will have infinite health in this game. This feature helps you to play the game without any fear of dying. You can also die, but you will come back with total health and energy, which makes it easier for you to complete all levels of the game.

No Ads: The ads are removed from this version of Human Fall Flat APK OBB download, which means you won’t see any ads while playing this game on your device or computer.

The Game Is Free To Play: The Human Fall Flat APK OBB download is free to play on our website, and we don’t charge anything for downloading it on your device or computer because we want everyone to enjoy this fantastic game without paying anything for it.

What’s new:

  • Lots of challenging levels to solve!
  • beautiful graphics & animations!
  • amazing music & sound effects!
  • Various achievements to unlock!

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Downloading directions:
  • First, you need to download the Human Fall Flat APK OBB download from the app icon below.
  • After downloading it, open the folder where you downloaded it and click on “install.”
  • Now, navigate your Phone Setting > Security > Unknown Sources > Enable it.
  • Tap on the “Install” button and wait for a few seconds until the installation process is completed.

Human Fall Flat Mod APK


Human Fall Flat APK is a straightforward game. The main idea behind Human Fall Flat is that you must complete each level by solving puzzles, thinking, and using your logic skills. It requires your brain power and creativity. You can also use other people’s help if you have any problems while playing this game. There are many levels in this game, so you can also play them one after another without getting bored because they are all different.


Is there any virus related to this game?

No, there is no virus or other issues related to this game. You can also download and enjoy playing Human: Fall Flat APK.

Can I play Human Fall Flat on PC?

Yes, you can also play Human Fall Flat on PC as well. You need to download an Android emulator for your PC and install it on your computer.

Do I need root access to install the game?

No, you don’t need root access to install the game. You also need to follow the steps above to install this modified version of the Human Fall Flat Mod APK on your Android device.

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