QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK (Pro) latest version

About the QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK:

QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK is a simple and easy-to-use app with which you can scan QR codes and barcodes. It has many features like the easy-to-use interface, the ability to save scanned images in any format, etc. The app is designed for Android users and works on all devices. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t require an internet connection as long as GPS is enabled on your device.

The QR & Barcode Reader Mod has many great features that will make your life easier. You can easily convert the images into PDF files with just one click. You can also select the size and quality of the image before saving it in PDF format or other formats like JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs.

QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK is one of the best applications for reading barcodes and QR codes. The application has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to read any code with simple steps. It also helps you to save time by using this app as it scans in less time than other apps available in Google Play Store.

App Story:

QR & Barcode Reader APK is a popular app among many users. More than 100,000 people have downloaded this app, which is also one of the most popular apps in the Play Store.

QR & Barcode Reader latest Mod APK is a handy app for all Android users who want to read QR codes and barcodes on their devices. The basic functionality of this app is to quickly scan any QR code or barcode without even having to open an application or go through the process of opening an application.

This app can be used on any device with a camera, and you can quickly scan any QR code or barcode from anywhere, anytime. This app will also allow you to save these scanned images for later use and share them with others via social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

QR & Barcode Reader is a beneficial application for Android users. The QR & Barcode Reader Modded APK allows you to scan QR codes and barcodes from your phone’s camera. This means that you can take advantage of all of the fantastic features this app has to offer!

QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK

MOD features of QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK:

QR & Barcode Reader offers many great features you should take advantage of while using it. One such feature is the ability to scan any QR code or barcode that you encounter in real life. This means you can use this app on all devices, including smartphones and tablets!

Here are some exclusive features:

Scan & Read QR Codes: You can scan any QR code in this app. You can also set your custom type of QR code to be scanned.

Display QR Codes: You can display any QR code on your phone’s screen by simply tapping on it. You don’t need to open an app or anything else. Tap on the code you want to see!

Share With Others: You can share your scanned QRCodes via email, SMS, or Facebook messenger (if installed). If you don’t have these apps installed, you can still share your QRCodes via Bluetooth!

Scan all codes: The app allows users to scan all codes, including those generally used for online transactions. The app also allows users to scan all types of barcodes, such as UPCs, EAN, ISBN, etc.

Searching: This feature helps you search for specific information quickly using a search function available within the app. You must enter a few keywords or text to find what you are looking for quickly.

Geocoding: This feature helps users locate places using their GPS location without having them download any maps or apps on their phones. All they need is an internet connection, and then they can use this feature to locate places near them using their name or address.

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What’s new:

  • Scanning QR codes using different modes such as single scan, auto-scan, QR code viewer, QR code editor, etc.
  • Scanning barcodes using various methods like single scan, auto-scan, etc.
  • Reading text elements such as numbers, date, time, etc.
  • Import images from the gallery or SD card into your scanner to scan them without difficulty.
  • The app allows you to share the QR code via email, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • This app will enable you to discover more about any business by scanning their logo and seeing what they offer.
  • You can also take a picture of a barcode with your phone’s camera and get more information about it from the Internet.

QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK

How to download QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK?

  1. Download the QR & Barcode Reader pro Mod APK from our website.
  2. Go to settings in your phone and choose unknown sources.
  3. Click OK on your phone and find the file you downloaded from our website, then click and install it.
  4. After installing, please open it and enjoy!


QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK is a modded version of the official QR & Barcode Reader App. This app allows you to scan and read QR codes, barcodes, and Omnigraffle documents in just a few taps. This app can quickly scan and read all QR codes on your phone’s camera. You can also create your custom QR codes with this application.

This app can read all kinds of barcodes, including PDFs, images, websites, and even text-based documents like Microsoft Word. This app also has a built-in ruler, so you can easily measure distances between two points on a page or create custom shapes for your drawings. QR & Barcode Reader is a simple yet powerful application that allows you to create, save and share QR codes. You can also use it to create barcodes and print them on paper. If you have any questions regarding the app, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


What is QR & Barcode Reader Mod?

QR & Barcode Reader Mod APK is a modded version of the original QR & Barcode Reader App. The app allows you to view and read many different types of codes.

How does QR & Barcode Reader Mod work?

The app works on Android devices with Android 4.0 or later installed. It is available for free download on Google Play and the App Store.

Is QR & Barcode Reader Mod safe to install?

Ans. Yes, it is safe to install this mod apk on your device. The mod apk file is free from viruses and all other malware, as we have scanned it with several antivirus tools before uploading it on our site. So, you can download it with no worries.

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